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This solution is built in VS2012. The solution contains five projects, all written in C#. The most important project is an .NET DLL called DX11ImportedLib and the most important file is DX11ImportedLib.cs.

The WpfApplication1 is a Demo showing how to use the compiled DX11ImportedLib.dll, and how to use that assembly together with WPF. We can set WpfApplication1 as the start-up project in Visual Studio.

The imported D3D interfaces can be used almost the same with using that in C++. It is a light-weight wrapper and there is few further changes are made.

updated: 2013/04/25. Another proj demos the imported lib on Win 8 Metro (App Store) Style C# App. Notice: some changes are made against the lib for Win7. Go to source code page and check the Win8_AppStore_Demo folder.




2013/04/25更新:一个新的工程,演示了Win8 Metro风格(App Store)的应用程序,如何使用本库在C#代码中操作Direct3D 11(部分11.1)。注意:导入的库相对于Win7版有所修改。本工程在源代码页面,Win8_AppStore_Demo文件夹下。

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